Residential and Commercial Pest Services

Louw Pest Control knows a thing or two about pests and will do everything they can to treat your home. Our pet and family-friendly treatments are discreet and highly effective in killing pests inside and outside the home. We provide a range of pest control services for all major areas in the City of Cape Town and the surrounding suburbs. From building inspections to termite management and general pest control – all your pest management needs are covered.

Treating your home is affordable and comes at a generous fixed cost. We eliminate the following pests:


Commercial Pest Control

Pest related issues are common across a wide range of industries and commercial properties. Typical clients include restaurants, retail stores, accommodation providers, hospitality, education, health and age care, office buildings, warehouses, factories and many more.

Unfortunately, pest issues affecting any business will likely lead to fines and penalties and cause damage to your reputation, reduce your customer base and ultimately lower your bottom line.

In order to avoid any unnecessary business losses, we recommend you invest in our commercial pest control service. Our commercial pest management programs are tailored to whatever pest problem your business faces.

With many years of industry experience and knowledge, get in touch with Cape Town’s Best Pest Control for free advice and a free no obligation quote.

The Risks of Poor Pest Management

Pests are more than just a nuisance.

Cockroaches, termites and rodents spread all kinds of germs and diseases. Due to the amount of rotten garbage cockroaches eat, they can trigger allergic reactions and transmit diseases to humans such as gastroenteritis and salmonella.

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